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At Skyline we acknowledge the Traditional Owners of our lands and pay respect to their elders, past, present and emerging.

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Can you briefly explain your family situation and why you applied to Skyline?

My mother, sister and I fled our home in Sri Lanka, escaping from serious family issues. Financial strain greatly limited our opportunities, my sister had health issues and my mother struggled to maintain a sense of normalcy. My future seemed bleak and hindered by great financial constraints, then my Year 10 Dean told me to apply for the Skyline Program and the course of my life changed.

What has being part of Skyline meant to you?

Skyline has provided me with a great sense of financial security as well as opportunities to improve myself and my career portfolio. I found myself immersed in a supportive and familial community that champions perseverance through adversity. The advice and motivation from everyone at Skyline has allowed me to finalise my current career aspirations, furthermore, with assistance in relation to educational expenses, I feel as though I have been given a chance to achieve my life goals of succeeding in higher studies and making a difference in the world through my career.


Do you feel Skyline has equipped you for life beyond high school?

Skyline has given me the ability to support my family, and now, as a Skyline leader, the opportunity to give back to my community. Furthermore to this, Skyline’s workshops have contributed greatly to my confidence in my career portfolio as well as interpersonal skills.


Have your future goals changed since participating in the Skyline Program?

With Skyline’s help in VCE, I’ve done what I previously thought was unachievable. In addition to this, through the constant support and encouragement from everyone at Skyline, my sense of ambition has increased sevenfold.


Can you briefly describe what you’ve been up to since you finished school?

 I finished high school and started a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Melbourne. I work part-time as an administration officer at a window coverings boutique, as well as tutor in VCE English Language and Legal Studies. I’m currently working towards further engagement with Skyline and the Australian Air Force Cadets program.