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At Skyline we acknowledge the Traditional Owners of our lands and pay respect to their elders, past, present and emerging.

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Each year as Skyline grows so too does the number of students and schools. Last year 19 students completed their VCE and this year the number was 29; 20 from the Greater Melbourne and South-East regions and 9 from the Geelong region. We congratulate our students for having completed what will feel like one of the most trying and momentous years for quite some time to come; a culmination of at least twelve years of study. Amongst our students there was an even balance of those who achieved what they expected, many who surprised themselves , yet also some who did not fare as well as they had hoped.

The ATAR is a frozen snapshot in time. Whilst a significant proportion of students achieved an ATAR of 84 and over, from long experience we know that many pathways lead to success - not just those with exams at the end, so we encourage this year’s students to reach out if you feel you would like to know about the options, and to join the alumni community as a means of talking to those who have been before you.

Well done everyone for having done the hard yards! Have a well-deserved holiday and we look forward to seeing you at Graduation in March next year!