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Hawthorn 3122 VIC, Australia

At Skyline we acknowledge the Traditional Owners of our lands and pay respect to their elders, past, present and emerging.

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Can you briefly explain your family situation and why you applied to Skyline?

Growing up in a lower socioeconomic area is never easy. I’ve always had family problems that interfere with my schooling, and balancing a job against that on top of my schooling had been a challenge to say the least. That was until Skyline came along. It was a program, like Skyline, that would take the stress off of me and my family when it came to what I could achieve and participate in at school which was a life saver. I have had more opportunities now than what I would have thought possible on my own.


Do you feel Skyline has equipped you for life beyond high school?

The workshops and camps I have been to as a part of Skyline have genuinely changed me, to my own surprise in particular. Getting a leg up on writing resumes and making connections in the workforce has helped already and that’s before I’ve even truly worked a full time job I love and enjoy. Social skills from working with others like myself have also set me up for the big bad world past high school, and being a Skyliner has given me the confidence to overcome what seems like such daunting tasks.


Have your future goals changed since participating in the Skyline Program?

Coming in to Skyline I had no goals. I didn’t know what I wanted and to be honest didn’t really care as long as I was making money. When I was accepted as a Skyline student one of the first things we did was complete a quiz to give us an idea of what suited us and I came out with some ideas I never would have even considered before then. Skyline gave me a peek into what I could be if I wanted it and helped me form my goals today.


Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

As a billionaire on a secluded island hopefully. If that doesn’t work out someone with a degree or if I’m lucky a doctorate I can use to help people, and a tonne of life experience I can share with kids coming up into university that needed guidance just like I did. And I’ll have a Porsche.