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At Skyline we acknowledge the Traditional Owners of our lands and pay respect to their elders, past, present and emerging.

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I am an Afghan Muslim girl who was born in Iran. In 2012, after my father passed away, I came to Australia as a Refugee with my mother and nine siblings. I am currently a year 12 student and plan on completing my VCE so that I can attend university to study law. My dream is to one day be a Human Rights Lawyer.

One of my favourite quotes by Albert Einstein is;

 “Everybody is a Genius. But If You Judge a Fish by Its Ability to Climb a Tree, It Will Live Its Whole Life Believing that It is Stupid”


I can relate to this quote so much as when I first came to Australia, people judged me by my ability to speak English rather than my ability to learn, commit and to grow, 

Skyline has definitely changed my perspective about a lot issues in life. What’s really making the difference for me at Skyline is not only the experienced staff members and the access to great facilities for our workshops and camps but it is really about the support and encouragement that I am continuously given by the people around me. The support of skyline has allowed me to achieve great things at a very young age. I was awarded a place in The Skyline Program in 2017 and with this I have had the opportunity to become a better version of myself.  


I want to allow you to see just how much a student can achieve no matter where they live and which school they go to. I believe that with a little extra support, everyone can teach their full potential and Skyline provided me with that support and I hope that more students can have the opportunity to be supported by skyline.


I'm very lucky to be able to have so much support but unfortunately many of our students don't have the support that I have or the opportunities that I have had, this really results in them not performing to the best of their ability. From a student’s point of view I see that young people are not only talented in many different ways but we are also creative, creative in ways that allow us to think above and beyond the norm, however, there are some things that are stopping us from being successful that is the lack of support from the outside community because of the social category that we have been placed in.


We, want, YOU, to believe in us. To believe that we can and will achieve

our goals. We want you to help us break down the barriers in the way of our goals and our successful futures. We believe that your support can create a difference in our lives, You're support can lead to our success!