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Skyline Education Foundation is committed to supporting gifted and academically talented students experiencing financial or social disadvantage that would affect their education outcomes in the senior years of school. Are you committed also?

We know that gifted and academically talented students have great potential to be Australia's leaders and innovators, but a concerning number are under-stimulated in school  and experience social isolation, according to an inquiry conducted by the Victorian Government in 2012.

As the OECD argues, improving equity in education is urgent, given the sharp increase in economic inequality in recent years and the consequences of growing economic inequality for social and educational mobility. The OECD suggests 'individual empowerment and capacity building' can alleviate the lack of social mobility. That is why Skyline provides a multifaceted 'wrap-around program' linking students with significant adults and like-minded peers as a more inclusive and empowering approach than providing finance alone.

In 2014-15, Cadence Economics calculated that new skilled graduates entering the Australian workforce grew our economic activity by $26.4 billion (as measured by GDP) and argued that the development of our human capital is a crucial element of economic development. However, around 45,000 young Australians are currently not engaged in employment, education or training – and are unlikely to be for most of their life. Some of these young people left school early, while others failed to make a successful transition from Year 12 to further study or work. The Mitchell Institute found that the lifetime cost of one cohort of 19 year olds failing to make a successful transition is $19 billion, and this cost is repeated every year a new cohort of 19 year olds disengages from education and employment.

A regular donation will support Skyline to continue it valuable work. Since its establishment, evaluations of the Skyline program have demonstrated its impact on the education and career pathways of highly able disadvantaged young people who are at risk of not realising their potential.  Skyline has supported over 300 students since 2006, and now partners with 25 schools. The achievements are significant:

  • Up to 65% of Skyline students achieve higher VCE results than they aspired to before joining the program

  • 100% have successful post school outcomes: 85% of Skyline students enter university; by 2018 seven students had entered vocational education and training, with others proceeding directly to work

  • More than 70% of Skyline students take on leadership roles within their school or are recognised for academic excellence, becoming role models for their siblings and peers.

  • More than a quarter of Skyline alumni have gone on to further study such as Masters and Doctoral degrees.


With Skyline’s active encouragement, support and advocacy, by far the most significant difference that Skyline students see in themselves is increased confidence and self-efficacy – personal traits that translate to longer-term personal, societal and economic benefits. As they leave school, students say they now:

  • See themselves as a person of value and worth

  • Have confidence in their academic ability and capacity to succeed

  • Are better able to define and pursue a career pathway of their choice

  • Have stronger personal, organisational and work-readiness skills

  • Have increased motivation and capacity to give back to their community through leadership and volunteer work.

We all know that for our community to prosper every citizen needs to have the opportunity to reach their full capacity. Your commitment to a regular donation moves us closer to realising our vision for gifted and academically talented students from disadvantaged backgrounds to reach their full potential.


We invite you to get committed and become a Skyline Education Foundation Committed Giver. With a manageable monthly donation via your credit card for as little as $20 or $50 per month and you will be really making an impact for those who need your help.

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